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True Beauty: From The Inside Out November 2, 2008

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The older I get the more I want my inner light to shine.

Beauty comes from inside.  It emanates from being your true self.

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the most important beholder of you is you.


Have you ever known someone of average appearance who felt so good about him or herself that they positively glowed?  It was beyond looks: pure positive energy.  Someone who knew Joe Namath told me when Joe walked into a room everyone, both men and women, was mesmerized. He certainly wasn’t the handsomest man on earth, but he exuded charisma. Animal magnetism is the openness that lets your good, loving energy shine through.  Now, obviously, when you’re in the throes of divorce, or any particularly stressful time, you will undoubtedly feel pretty ragged. Later on, when you see the plethora of people out there it can be easy to do what the Buddha exhorted against: compare yourself.  (See: https://holisticdivorce.wordpress.com/category/compare-to-despair/) Resist.  Remember, you are unique, incomparable.

There is an old saying: Beauty is as beauty does. No doubt, you have had the experience of meeting someone stunning but after getting to know them revising your opinion. Almost always, it’s because some of their unlovable behaviors eclipsed a beautiful exterior.  Conversely, how often have you met someone average looking, but after getting to know them finding they morphed into someone captivating?  Here’s proof from your own experience that beauty is more than skin deep.

Develop your mind, your soul, and your compassion; then, see whom the cat drags in.  At the very least, you will enjoy your own company.


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